Raptor 1000 Maintenance Schedule

From the Suzuki TL1000S Service Manual;

I = Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary
R = Replace
T = Tighten

More frequent servicing may be performed on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions

Item Note 1000km  6,000  12,000 18,000 24,000
    600 mi  4,000  7,500 11,000 15,000
    1 month 6 12 18 24
Air cleaner element     I I R I
Spark plugs     I R I R
Tappet clearance           I
Fuel hoses Replace every 4 years   I I I I
Engine oil   R R R R R
Engine oil filter   R     R  
Engine idle speed   I I I I I
Throttle cable play   I I I I I
Throttle valve synchronization       I   I
Clutch     I I I I
Radiator hose     I I I I
Engine coolant Replace every 2 years          
Drive chain Clean and lubricate
very 1000km (600mi)
  I I I I
Brakes     I I R I
Brake hose Replace every 4 years   I I I I
Brake fluid Replace every 2 years   I I I I
Tires     I I I I
Steering   I   I   I
Front forks       I   I
Rear suspension       I   I
Exhaust pipe bolts and muffler bolts   T   T   T
Chassis bolts and nuts   T T T T T
Item Note 1000km  6,000  12,000 18,000 24,000

The following is my opinion only;

I am following the Suzuki maintenance schedule (well it's their engine!) with the exception that I am replacing the oil filter as well as the oil every 6,000 km

- Use mineral oil at first then change to full synthetic at 6000 km (not before)
- Change the oil and filter every 6000 km
- Get your dealer to do the 1000, 6000 and 12000 km services then get the dealer to just do the 24000, 36000 services etc
- Do the intermediate services (18000, 30000 etc) yourself
Above assumes you can change the oil and filter, change air filter, bleed brake fluid, check brake pad thicknesses, check chain and sprocket wear.
Not a big job; get someone to show you the first time if you are new then you should be able to do it yourself next time.

From the Cagiva Raptor 1000/V-Raptor 1000 Workshop Manual;

C = Check
R = Replace/Renew

    1000km Every   
    614 mi 614  3684  7368 12280 14736
Engine oil renew/check level R C R      
Oil filter cartridge replace R     R    
Throttle control check/adjust C   C      
Secondary drive chain check tension and lubricate C C        
Spark plugs check C   C R    
Timing chain tension check/adjust C         C
Steering check play of bearings C     C    
Tyres check pressures and tread   C        
Tappet clearance check/adjust           C
Brakes check fluid     C   R  
Brakes check pad wear     C      
Air filter replace     C R    
Brake discs check wear       C    
Front sprocket, rear
sprocket, chain
check wear       C    
Fork oil renew every 2 years         R  
Throttle timing check/adjust       C    
Clutch check     C      
Coolant renew every 2 years            
Fu** **ed pipes check     C      
Brake lines check     C      
Brake lines replace every 4 years            
Nuts and bolts tighten     C      
Fuel lines check     C      
Fuel lines replace every 4 years            
Clutch cover screws tighten     C      
Idle speed check C   C      
Radiator hose check     C      
Rear suspension check       C    
    1000km Every