Honda VTR1000 SP-1

vtr sp-1


BORE x STROKE - 100 x 63.6mm
CARBURATION - Electronic Fuel Injection
MAX POWER - Over 136ps / 9500rpm
WHEELBASE - 1409mm
FUEL CAPACITY - 18 litres (incl. 2.5 litre reserve)
TYRES - FRONT - 120/70 ZR17
REAR - 190/50 ZR17
DRY WEIGHT - Under 200kg

 Remarkable new direct air induction system feeds straight from nose of fairing through massive hollow steering head casting and directly into aircleaner box for maximum intake efficiency.
 FRP intake port built strong enough to act as sole upper cowl stay. Intake port features electrically operated valve to reduce air intake at lower speeds for stronger low-to-midrange performance. Valve opens at a predetermined engine speed and throttle angle to provide optimal air intake for maximised high-speed performance.
 Large-volume 18-litre fuel tank features built-in electronic fuel pump to provide steady flow of fuel to injectors.
 High-performance engine designed to use high-octane fuel ONLY.
 Newly designed V-twin engine features over 90% all-new parts, larger bore, shorter stroke and new cam geartrain for higher speeds and dramatically increased, competition-ready power output.
 New 100mm pistons (replacing VTR1000F’s 98mm units) the largest ever made by Honda. New 63.6mm stroke reduced from VTR’s 66mm while achieving big 10.8 : 1 compression ratio. Pistons ride in new aluminium ceramic composite sleeves, like RVF/RC45 and other high-performance engines.
 New PGM-FI fuel injector system features dual-injector throttle bodies mounted with quad-jet injector nozzles and higher pressure fuel pump feed for optimum atomisation and distribution of fuel into intake flow.
 Higher-capacity dual side-mounted radiators meet cooling requirements of higher-power engine with 120% larger volume than units mounted on VTR1000F.
 All-new aluminium ‘Combined Pivot’ frame features massive triple-box-section twin spars and longer lower extensions that enclose ends of swingarm pivot shaft to provide enhanced rigidity in both road and racing applications.
 Frame features innovative new cast aluminium steering head casting with large hole in front to open directly channel air to aircleaner for maximised high-speed power potential. Section surrounding steering stem moulded in aerodynamic tapered shape to minimise turbulence in air flow.
 Responsive 43mm inverted telescopic front fork breaks with Honda tradition.
 Yagura-style Hybrid swingarm features massive dual-box-section extruded spars mated to large cast aluminium cross-member pivot section. Rear suspension features full damping adjustability for smoothly progressive control.

COLOUR - Winning Red