Garmin GPSmap 276C

Garmin GPSmap 276C

Garmin GPSmap 276C details on Garmin site
Moving map, auto-routing GPSR with colour screen, voice and fast processor, Garmin data card, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, USB
Fixed marine mount
9 pin power(12v)/data/speaker/NMEA cable (bare wire ends)
USB cable
9 pin AC power adapter
Trip and Waypoint Manager software
Lithium Ion rechargeable battery

Note that CD mapping, Garmin format data card and speaker are extra cost

Firmware upgrade (recommended);
On 1 December 2004 Garmin released firmware v2.94 beta which fixed a number of issues as well as adding auto-routing avoids and custom preferences. On 14 December Garmin released firmware v3.0, on 7 January 2005 v3.10 and on 15 March they released v3.20 (available here).

Following shots thanks to Fred H;

GPSmap 276C map screen
Map screen

GPSmap 276C screen in sunlight
Screen in sunlight

Additional pictures

Secret commands:
1.) Self test; ENTER key pressed while turning on the unit ( not the Menu key). When in self test, press PAGE many times to show screen testing (colors etc)
2.) USER Reset; hold QUIT pressed when turning unit ON (will delete waypoints, routes and tracklogs)
3.) MASTER reset; Zoom-OUT + QUIT + NAV and power ON. Hold keys for 10-12 seconds. Beware of this because you lose all almanach and temperature compensation table ! (it reconstructs itself but takes time)
4.) If the unit "crash" ( la Windows) when flashing firmware, or does not power-on, you can try to re-flash firmware by: holding PAGE + ENTER + DOWN keys when turning the unit ON and hold these 3 keys when you re-flash the firmware with a good copy
To reset the year;
Setup, Time, MENU, Set Date, reset the year
then go outside and get a satellite fix

GPSmap 276C cable comparison
New power/data plug

GPSmap 276C cable comparison
Plug comparison

GPSmap 276C speaker/power cable
Speaker with 12/24v cable - P/N 010-10512-00 (additional cost)