zumo required features

Garmin zumo

The zumo is a reasonable motorcycle GPS
I do not see the zumo ever being a technical GPS but it could be a lot more useful for motorcycling with a few more carefully selected technical features.

The reason a few of us are saying 'if only it had this or that...' is because we do not ride bikes the way they (or us) drive cars. We do a lot more exploring. We regularly go on minor rural roads (both sealed and unsealed) that we have never been on before. We do not ride to X, we ride for the trip.

20 Feb 07 - Garmin released firmware version v3.00
70 per cent of features added but not autozoom off or auto-recalculate off
16 Mar 07 - Garmin released firmware version v3.20
UTM and other grids added
3 May 07 - Garmin released firmware version v3.30
Ability to turn off auto-recalculate added

Features which I would like to see added;
- Tracklog visible as dotted line on screen - Feature added - 20 Feb 07, v3.00, thank you Garmin
- UTM (eastings/northings) grid as coordinates option - Feature added - 16 Mar 07, v3.20, thank you Garmin
- Ability to turn autozoom OFF - Still waiting
- Ability to turn autorecalculate OFF - Feature added - 3 May 07, v3.30, thank you Garmin
- Compass screen available as a page in all modes (offroad or onroad and navigating or not)
- Feature added - 20 Feb 07, v3.00, thank you Garmin
- Satellite screen available (similar to nuvi where you touch the bars in the top left of menu screen?)
- accuracy added to compass screen - 20 Feb 07, v3.00 - Satellite screen still required
- Altitude displayed - Feature added - 20 Feb 07, v3.00, thank you Garmin
Bugs (errors) and design bugs (bad ideas) that need to be fixed;
- Make the Favourites (waypoints) visible on the screen at much higher zoom levels
- Bug fixed - 20 Feb 07, v3.00, thank you Garmin
- Do NOT fade the other roads (roads not on route) when following a route. Leave them the same colour as when not following a route
It is easier to see where you are (situational awareness) if you can see the cross roads. Fading the cross roads makes them harder to see and requires more time to view which is not good safety wise. - Still waiting