Workshop manuals

Suzuki produces the following Workshop Manuals for the GV;

SQ416/SQ420/SQ625 Service Manual - Volume 1 of 2 - Chassis/Electrical/Body
SQ416/SQ420/SQ625 Service Manual - Volume 2 of 2 - Engine
part number 99500-65D00
These are the 2 you get if you generically ask for the workshop manual, approx AU$220

The above manuals do not include a wiring diagram so if you want this you need;
SQ416/SQ420/SQ625 Wiring Diagram Manual
part number 99512-65D00
Approx AU$60

You can also get;
SQ416/SQ420/SQ625 Unit Repair Manual for Manual Transmission, Automatic Transmission, Transfer and Differential
part number 99501-65D00
Cost unknown

Manuals cover both left and right hand drive cars.