I believe the standard 2002 Grand Vitara 2.5 litre v6 suspension is a little under damped front and rear with the front spring rate a little soft and the rear spring rate a little hard on the road. Off road it is hard to say, but the clearance is inadequate.

My aim is to improve the off road clearance while maintaining on road handling. To this end I will probably use the same spring rate as standard at the rear and slightly firmer at the front. Better damping should make this a little more comfortable than stock on road. I am aware that this will probably restrict the articulation off road.

OME claim their springs will give a 30mm lift but some have measured 40-45mm
Front dampers are claimed to have 40mm longer travel than original and rear 50mm longer travel.
Costs in Australian dollars as a March 2007

OME962 36-75 kg $116
N103S $214
OME961 $116
N105 $144
Camber bolts for front and camber/toe adjustment - $90?

OME dampers are made by Monroe
OME springs are made by King Springs

I am not a mechanic and you should use the information presented here at your own risk

Most shock/spring lifts will give you too much positive camber (top of wheels lean outwards) on the front and you need to correct this as part of your lift.
Some people use a rule of thumb of first inch of lift nothing then 1 degree of positive camber for every inch after that ie 2 1/2 inch suspension lift should introduce 1 1/2 degrees (roughly) of positive camber on the front which needs to be corrected.
Some of us believe that Grand Vitaras (and Vitaras) come out of the factory with a little positive camber standard and this does not help outer front tyre wear or handling. It has been suggested that 1/2 degree negative camber may produce a better handling and wearing car.

Wheel alignment info from the Suzuki workshop manual;
Camber and caster cannot be adjusted while toe can be adjusted
Toe-in; 0 +or- 2 mm
Camber angle; 0 +or- 1 degree
Caster; 2 degrees 40 minutes +or- 1 degree

Some third parties have camber adjustment bolts. Normally they replace the top bolt of the 2 lower strut mounting bolts and have +or- 2 degrees (varies) adjustment.
Whiteline KCA412 camber bolt adjustable +or- 1 1/2 degrees at $79 a pair.
K-MAC 120116 camber bolt at US$110.
Monroe MON-CAM-C12 camber bolt at $154