Tools etc

My thoughts on the gear to carry in your 4WD

Just starting out;
8000kg 9 metre snatch strap (the standard one that all 4wd stores have)
2 x shackles (minimum 3.2 tonne SWL)
pair of work gloves
tyre pressure guage
30cm x 30cm base plate for your jack (20mm plywood or thicker)
WD40 (or similar)

Then get out there with somebody experienced and drive

What you will probably work out that you want after a few trips;
short handled shovel
toolbox with good tools (no point in leaving your good tools in the garage)
workshop manual
12v air compressor
jumper leads
duct tape
tube of quickset epoxy putty
spare fuses
fire extingusher
first aid kit
toilet paper
water container (I take 5 litres on a day trip)
handheld UHF CB (if you don't have one in the car)
Things I am considering;
bottle jack
fire lighting kit
spare radiator hoses/fan belts etc
tyre repair kit
air bag jack
bow saw
Additional things some people carry;
Tirfor manual winch
hi lift jack (but only it you have the mounting points for it)
tyre levers
Going on the multiweek/desert/around Australia trip;
Experience so you don't need this list
(and try not to destroy your 4WD with the weight of things you are carrying)

WA Police Aids to Survival
Adventure Activity Standards draft