Suzuki DL1000 (V-strom)

DL1000 K8

Model Power @rpm Torque @rpm Curb
Fuel tank Price
(at June 09)
Suzuki DL1000 98Hp 7,600 101Nm 6,400 236kg
(208kg dry?)
840mm 22 litres $13,590 plus orc

DL1000 L0

DL1000 links;
- Specs
- DL1000 maintenance schedule
- Suzuki Australia
- Murphs Kits - V-Strom page
- Adventure Tech (Richland Rick)
- Adventure MotoStuff - DL1000 page
- SV Racing
- Eastern Beaver - power sockets, electrical cables, relays and bits - Vstrom page

- Adventure Rider
- Stromtrooper
- Vstrom Riders International

Suggested mods;
- Road tyres; Michelin Pilot Road 3 or Metzeler Z6 Interact ($490 pair) or Continental Road Attacks ?
Front; 110/80 x 19, rear; 150/70 x 17
- Motoslider frame sliders from SV Racing (US$70 plus US$29 post)
- Smoked grey shorty windscreen (11 inch, 4 inches shorter than standard) from PECoT (US$93 incl delivery)
- Aprilia Tuono mirrors (GBP26 pair plus GBP4) from Rocket Bikes
- Sonic Springs 0.90kg/mm (US$80 plus US$35) and 1 litre 10w Belray fork oil ($31) - suspension overview
- Richland Rick fork brace (US$80 plus US$11 post) - brace options
- Goodridge braided front brake lines, 2 line set, silver with clear cover and stainless steel fittings (GBP49 plus GBP10)
No additional charge for FMVSS 106 approval label (recognised by ADR), you need to ask for it as standard UK lines do not have it
- Eastern Beaver 3 additional circuits (US$45) , headlight relay kit (US$55) and power socket (US$36 plus US$17 post)
- Richland Rick GPS mount (US$60 plus US$11 post)
- Ventura L-brackets S101/B, bag frame PF17/B and grab rail GH15/17/B $330
- Bagster tank cover 1442J? $270
- Staintune twin oval stainless mufflers SU MS DL ($1295)
- Burkhart Cycle 5/8" raising links (US$34 plus US$29 post)
- Sargent seat WS-552-19 (US$410 plus US$99) or from AMC AU$571 plus AU$20
- Stebel Magnum 400hz (low) horn ($21)
- Eastern Beaver horn relay kit (US$33 plus ?)
- Twisted Throttle horn mounting bracket (US$18 plus ?)

DL1000 K9

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece, but to skid across the line broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, leaking oil, shouting GERONIMO!"