Suzuki DR650


Model Power @rpm Torque @rpm Dry
Fuel tank Price
(at Mar 08)
Suzuki DR650 43hp 6,400 54Nm 4,600 147kg 885/845mm 13 litres $7,690 plus orc

My DR650

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Suggested mods;
- Metzeler Enduro 3 Sahara tyre 90/90-21 front ($129) and Mitas 130/80-17 E-07 rear ($137)
Tried Metzeler rear ($179). Hoping for similar performance but lower cost from the Mitas
- Renthal bars, Jimmy Button bend ($70)
- ProGrip gel road handgrips ($16)
- Barkbuster VPS handguards ($105) and mounts ($40)
- KTM folding mirrors (US$61 plus US$20)
- B&B bashplate ($170)
- Ventura headlight guard VP012 ($35)
- Eibach 0.47kg/mm fork springs P/N 996.047.1 (US$100 plus US$55) and 2 x 1 litre 10w Motul fork oil (2 x $19)
(standard; fork springs 0.40 kg/mm, shock spring 6.5 kg/mm)
- IMS 19 litre tank from JustGasTanks (US$243 plus US$60 shipping) with Acerbis locking gas cap (US$23)
- JT 14 tooth front sprocket (US$12)
- MSM trimmed sprocket plate (US$10)
- Remove top chain roller and fill hole with button head screw (M8 x 15 mm)
and replace bottom roller with bearing type for reduced noise (US$13)
- Secondary air filter (US$15 plus US$27 postage and handling - 4 items)
- TPI rear master cylinder guard (US$14)
- TPI magnetic drain plug (US$11 plus US$32 postage and handling - 3 items)
- remove sidestand cutout switch and jumper
- unplug clutch cutout switch plug together bike end
- disable carburetor microswitch by unplugging and jumpering
Carb setup (standard airbox, filter and snorkle);
(standard; Mikuni BST 40SS, main 140, pilot 42.5, needle 6F19 clip on 3rd slot)
--- 142.5 main jet (N100.604 Large Round type) - Jet supplier ($9 plus $5 postage)
--- fit Keintech extended pilot screw (US$15) and turn out 1.5 turns
--- replace screws with allen head US$3 (you will probably stuff the philips heads)
--- Note; I removed the snorkle but replaced it after my fuel economy dropped by 8%
- Steel case saver with aluminimum cover made by Ian Taylor ($80)
- AMP ignition and clutch guards (US$60 plus US$14 shipping)
- EBC brake pads; front FA185R (US$32) and rear FA152R (US$30 plus US$17)
- Remove carb input filter and install inline fuel filter (US$9)
- Wolfman Enduro tank bag ($112) and Tool Roll ($35)
- Wide 'IMS style' footpegs (US$19 plus US$10 postage)
- 'BBQ' cargo rack (US$67 plus US$43 postage and handling)
- Staintune oval stainless muffler SU MS DR 65 ($640) and header SU HS DR 65 ($300)
- Sargent seat (US$335 plus US$75 shipping)

- Eibach 7.6 kg/mm shock spring (US$130 plus US$60?)
- Moto-sport panniers (US$469 plus US$60?)
- Narva 'Plus 50' (actually Osram Silverstar) H4 55/60W headlight bulb ($33 pair) with TPI heavy duty headlight harness (US$53)
- Suzuki black side covers (left and right) with heat shield for right side ($262)
- 'Screens for Bikes' screen with dark tint ($130) - pic 1 and pic 2
- Acerbis supermoto front guard (approx $50) ?

DR650SE 2008

"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in one pretty and well preserved piece, but to skid across the line broadside, thoroughly used up, worn out, leaking oil, shouting GERONIMO!"