Where/what the hell is Gingers Creek ?

Gingers Creek is in NSW (New South Wales), on the Oxley Highway, approx 70 km west of Port Macquarie. I have never seen it on a map.

The Tamworth White Pages gives the address as;
Gingers Creek Store, Oxley Hwy, Yarrowitch 2354
Phone (02) 6777 7511

Gingers Creek is actually classified as Yarrowitch, just past Mt Seaview resort. It's well signed and lit at night so you can't miss it and can either turn left at the Wauhope turn off or keep going till you get to McDonalds at the Port Macquarie turn off.
I'd advise those on motorbikes to fill up with petrol at the Servo next to Maccas........then go back up the Oxley.

Map of Gingers

It is in the middle of nowhere, and it's ....well.... it's a store of sorts that has a petrol pump out front and a 100 year old restored shack/cottage out the back. You can buy food and beer and gas there. It tends to close early (6pm?)

There is a cottage that has a double bed, a nice shower/toilet area and a kitchen, and the main room has a TV and video and a stereo/cd player. There are some videos and cds there as well. Lots of bike mags and other books as well. A room off the main room has a bunk.

Behind the cottage there is another room that has 5 more bunks, and the whole site can sleep 14 people and is frequented almost exclusively by bikers.

There are some interesting entries in the visitors book; I liked the one about some chap having to be airlifted out by chopper after he stacked on the twisties. If you read bike mags you will recognise some of the names in the visitors book.

I like waking up there to the sounds of the wildlife and to see them gathered around the cottage looking for handouts.

- thanks to Dick G