GPS links

General info;
Joe and Jacks site - 'the source' - go here first
Sam Wormleys site - technical info
GPSnuts - Canadian perspective
GPS Vehicle Navigation - good Australian book
alt.satellite.gps newsgroup
sci.geo.satellite-nav newsgroup
GpsPasSion forum
Pocket GPS forum
UK GS forum
Ontario Dual Sport Club forum
Misc Bike/GPS sites;
Adventure Rider
Kawasaki GPS DualSport - Canadian Offroading
Waypoint file of BMW Dealers in North America
BMW dealers in Europe
Alain MotorTourisme (Dutch)
GME - Australian Garmin distributor
Next Destination - Australian Magellan distributor
GPS Oz - Magellan, Garmin, Cables, Oziexplorer, RAM mounts - Sydney, Australia
Johnny Appleseed - Garmin, Cables, RAM mounts - Brisbane, Australia
C H Smith (marine chandlers) - Magellan, Garmin, Navman - Melbourne, Australia
CycoActive - Garmin, RAM mounts, mapping - Seattle, US
Cycle Gadgets - Garmin, RAM mounts, gadgets - Indiana, US
Adventure Motorcycling - UK
Garmin firmware/updates
MeMap - customise your startup screen
GpsWarn - customise your startup screen 2
G7ToWin - freeware for waypoint, route, tracklog management and Garmin screenshots
GPS Utility - limited shareware for waypoint, route, tracklog management and conversion
OziExplorer mapping software
Fugawi mapping software
GPS III+ icons
Garmin model info;
Garmin reset sequences
GPSmap 276C info
SP2610 undocumented features
SP2610 internal components
Quest FAQ
GPS V internal components
GPSmap 176 internal components
GPSmap 76S internal components
eTrex Vista internal components
Magellan model info;
Meridan FAQ (pdf)
Magellan map creation tools
GPS related hobbies; - geocaching - geocaching - degree confluence project

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